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Adapting systems to the real world, instead of the world to systems

Applications that can consolidate the management of card, direct debit, and standing order payments

Automated invoicing and what it takes

Automatically connect staff to customers, through their own phones, with company phone numbers and systems

Beyond batches - advanced backup methods that allow discrete rollback

Break even points in deciding whether to make your own

Cases of companies that build their own excelling past those who don't

Data cleaning, normalisation, tidying, and standardisation

Date normalisation and standardisation in systems

Democratised elements of technology and access for challenger and smaller businesses, despite ever increasing complexity

Important functional elements of application designs for staff and internal users of applications

Integrating systems - some key principles of multiple methods of linking platforms and processes

Letter Management

Live accounting

Low latency and all the considerations it requires

Mac instead of Windows servers - some reasons to go Apple instead of Microsoft in your data centres and data rooms

Managing multiple correspondence channels - from whatsapp messages to posted letters, and other channels in between

Mixing manual and developed approaches to managing Twilio telecoms services

More flexible, precise, and traceable accounting systems

Multi-lingual systems

POS systems in Australia

Principles of fast systems

Reasons to use FileMaker for business

Reasons to use FileMaker instead of Excel

Secrets of faster data transfers and processing

Some superiorities of iPhone apps over websites and how you can achieve some of the same magic for your organisation

Standard apps vs. modifying ERP systems vs. making and maintaining your own

Systems for more efficiently reconciling financial transactions

The importance of using cheap, standardised applications, and not automating or customising too early

The very low cost of Twilio services

Using APIs for every day business processes

VAT management

What's special about AWS

When your data is in chaos and you need to find something

Why Twilio services are better than many local providers, even if you're a very small business

Why pushing is superior to batching and how you can aim for it practically

Why you should use Twilio, even if you're a highly local business






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