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Reasons to use FileMaker instead of Excel

  • Avoid calculation errors:

    • Easier separation of calculations, layout, and content, removing the mixing of formulas and data, removing formula and data damage.

  • Avoid data loss:

    • Setup automatic tracking of all data edits and archiving of all data history, to avoid loss of data from accidental or malicious overwrites.

    • Setup automatic backups and distribution of backups to multiple locations for extra continuity options.

  • Cleaner and richer layouts for users:

    • Clear data entry and output points.

    • Embed web viewers to see live sections of useful web pages.

    • Include documents and images without them overlapping or interfering with other content.

    • Structure and format information in more consistent, robust, and sophisticated ways.

  • Share particular information with particular users, without interrupting the access or work of any user:

    • Realtime global sharing of information through laptops, desktops, phones, ipads, websites, and other devices, on the same network, offline, and online.

    • Increase efficiency by focusing staff and teams on information they need, without them having to be distracted by, having to see, or having to manage information that is not directly relevant to their work.

    • Hide, reveal, or only show select portions of sensitive information to select users.

    • Easily manage user level permissions, including without showing that data access is restricted.

  • Expand your data access and processing options:

    • Use your data to provide extra information in applications and on websites.

    • Include clearer, more robust, more complex, calculations, keeping an archive of calculation methods more easily.

    • Allow live connections or offline synchronisation, depending on your needs.

  • You can still import from and export to excel files any time:

    • FileMaker allows direct export to the .xls and / or .xlsx formats.

    • FileMaker allows direct drag and drop of .xls and .xlsx files into FileMaker.

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