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Reasons to use FileMaker for business

1. A huge native feature set, with consistent implementation approaches

With a highly professional development team being sponsored, by way of ownership, by Apple Inc., FileMaker's native feature set is broad and deep. Few software making and management products and services can match it.

2. An application layer, a database layer, high integration between the two, and substantial integration options with other platforms and services

- Build native applications and interfaces to your databases and applications, through web browsers, iOS applications, Windows laptops and desktops, and Mac laptops and desktops.

- Give API access to others, and access and make full use of almost any API available from almost any provider.

3. Dynamic changes

Especially when first establishing a new system or process, but also for continuous improvement thereafter, almost all calculations and references in FileMaker have dynamic sources. This means that if names of tables, columns (fields), or relationships change, elements of your FileMaker system won't break. This allows continuous constant development, without the need for esoteric development and release management practices.

4. Continuous platform improvement, without leaving valuable people and systems behind

Since 2015 FileMaker has released a major new version every year. Each of these new versions can natively run every version released since at least 2012, and all versions have been able to run on Windows, Macs, and iOS devices.

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