Own & customise your own
applications in unlimited ways

Ensure your organisation always has the full support and development capabilities it needs for its websites, mobile apps, Mac, and Windows applications. Monthly plans with no contractual lock-ins.


Plan 6

6 hours of 24/7 support and development, online, by email, and phone.

Each support event or request consumes a minimum of 12 minutes, so up to 30 support requests per month are possible.

Any additional time required is charged at the same rate.

$1,775 monthly + GST

Plan 24

24 hours of 24/7 support and development, online, by email, and pone.

25% approximate saving for every hour, including any additional hours, compared to Plan 6.

Each support event or request consumes a minimum of 12 minutes, so up to 120 support requests per month are possible

$5,399 monthly + GST

Support & Development Plan Policies

Plans can be upgraded any time - the difference in cost for the remainder of the calendar month is calculated and applied at the time you upgrade. Plans can be cancelled or downgraded at any time, but do not apply until the end of the calendar month after the calendar month in which you cancel. Payment must be received by the 24th calendar day of the month before your calendar month service period to avoid service time deductions. Work requests must be submitted on or prior to 24th calendar day of the month in order to be guaranteed as included in the workflow of the next calendar month, unless you have an urgency and emergency plan. Each day of late payment may result in service suspension and will deduct 1/30th of the time available from your plan for the subsequent month of service delivery and full plan fees will still be due and applicable, and subject to interest. Where your plan is cancelled on your behalf due to no payments, at our discretion, fees will still be due inline with regular cancellation policies even where customer actions result in no service being delivered. Additional products, services, and hours are provided on credit or with advance payment, at the discretion of AppMakers.xyz and are assumed to be without limit unless and until clients request and place restrictions on credit amounts. Products and services paid for on credit are likely to be billed on the first calendar day of the month, or at the time or on the day they are purchased, and due within 5 days of invoicing, though these terms vary depending on variable circumstances and side agreements. Interest will be charged for late payments. Where these policies, as terms and conditions, are diverged from, the nature shall be temporary and at the full discretion of AppMakers.xyz and all other terms shall remain in place and normal terms may be reapplied at any time. Where plans are initiated or upgraded during the course of a calendar month, adjustments will be made in the subsequent month to normalise your account, plan, and services to calendar months. All onsite hours are separate from and additional to the above plans, which only provide remote support except where explicitly stated otherwise. All onsite bookings require a plan, and are normally charged at the same remote prices as below, and travel time is charged at normal rates for onsite support. Where policies, procedures, terms, and conditions are deviated from these are considered to be exceptional cases and not as setting a precedent or expectation or agreement for continued exceptions.

Some organisations we've served

AppMakers FileMaker Claris St James's Pl

Animal Aid is run by a team committed to increasing the welfare of animals in a wide range of ways. Please consider becoming a local or international member here.

AppMakers.xyz FileMaker Claris CXA New Y

Optional standard application for you to customise in unlimited ways


For customers with an AWS hosting and support plan.

If chosen, can only be hosted and developed by AppMakers.

For your organisation to have ownership of its system, please do not choose the  standard application. Though all data is fully exportable at any time in all cases.

Starting Features


Storage of any document types

Full audit logging

User Management

Detailed permissions control

Intuitive single screen design



  • Full access option to your server

  • 3rd party access option for your staff and contractors

  • SSL certificate for secure data connections, web direct, synchronisations, and more

  • Automatic backups to alternate service providers, to remove dependence on any one company and enhance continuity

$399 setup fee + GST

$399 per month + amazon fees + GST


We sell and manage FileMaker licenses at the same prices as Claris, including extra support.

Keyboard and Mouse


Recognised as a FileMaker Business Alliance member in 4 countries, AppMakers.xyz has developers available on demand across the globe. Work is tightly managed with detailed project management systems, and charges are pay as you go, for transparency and efficiency.

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